We are an online pet store designed with the hard to find pet
product in mind. We understand that the traditional family pet is
quickly becoming more and more eclectic, making traditional pet
stores outdated. Whether ordinary or exotic, large or small, we
know your pet is unique and believe that your pet store should be,
too. And, we believe you should be able to shop for every pet you
own, no matter how different.

At Eclectic Pets we specialize in small and exotic pets, including
sugar gliders, kinkajous, skunks, ferrets, reptiles, chinchillas,
marmosets, prairie dogs, and many more.

On this site you will find pet products and supplies for both you and
your pet at affordable prices, free printable pet care info sheets for
many kinds of pets, tips and tricks for many pet related issues, free
pet classifieds, and more. We really do intend to be your one stop,
do it all right here pet shop!!! If it's not here yet, it will be soon. Help
us to help you.

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Free Pet Classifieds!!!
No dogs or cats,unless rare breed. For exotic
and rare types of pets! You must provide
contact info.
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Calling all exotic pet owners!!!
We need good information on owning, raising,
and adopting exotic pets. The kind of
information you can't find in books, the kind
that only comes from owning these wonderful
pets. We want to put the best info out there for
new pet owners. So, if you raise or own exotic
pets of any kind, and you have some good
advice to share with us, please hit the feedback
form and type exotic pet info in the subject
box. We will gladly credit you where your info
appears as a way of saying thank you!
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