Small Grapewood Perch is perfect
for small to medium sized birds and is a
great looking natural decoration.
Sandblasted for easier cleaning and
secures to cage with 2 washers and a
wingnut. Sizes vary, but is at least 6"
long. Ships separately.
Med Grapewood Perch fis
great for gliders and a variety of
medium sized birds. Sandblasted
and at least 10" long. Ships
LG Grapewood Perch is perfect
for multiple medium sized birds. It has
multiple branches and is designed to
maximize perching surface.
Sandblasted and at least 12" long. Ships
6"-8" Grapewood Perch     $8.00
10" Grapewood Perch     $13.00
12 Grapewood Perch     $20.00
Tucson Branched Manzanita is a perfect
wood perch and natural decoration for your bird,
glider, marmoset or flying squirrel's  cage. Please
allow for natural variations. Ships separately.
20" Manzanita   $16.00
24" Manzanita   $20.00
16" Manzanita   $14.00
10" Manzanita   $10.00
12" Manzanita   $12.00