Chinchillas,Rabbits, &
Wodent Exercise Wheels
3 sizes, 10 color combinations!
Front panel protects tail!The only wheel
approved by the ASPCA!
Wodent Manicure Wheels
The wheels that file as your pet
runs!For gliders all the way up to
SP Super Pet Sleep-E-Tent
Use as a tent or unzip for a hammock.
SP Hide-N-Sleep Bed
Made of soft polar fleece with velcro
covers for snuggling. For gliders,
ferrets, rabbits, and other small pets.
Super pet Sleep-E-Sack
4 clips for hanging. Large size
accommodates a wide variety of pets.
Super Pet Hanging Tunnel
Create a hanging playground for your
SP On-the-Go Travel Backpack
Can be worn three different ways. Large
size accommodates a wide variety of pets.
Includes pocket for water bottle or storage.
VIONATE Vitamin Mineral Powder
Perfect for chinchillas, rabbits and a wide
variety of other pets. Also available:
Rep-Cal calcium powder.
Super Pet "Flat Bac" water bottle
16 oz. & 32 oz. sizes, floating duck refill
reminder! Sits firmly against cage.
Attaches to both glass and wire cages. 4oz
size also available!Perfect for juices!
Super Pet Cabbage Bowl
Adorable bowl will help add a touch
of nature to your pet's cage. Carrot
bowl also available.
SP 48" Wood Hutch
2 spacious levels of luxury living for
your pet. Built in nesting box.
SP X-Large My First Home
Large home for bunnies, rabbits,
chinchillas and more.
SP Pet-N-Playpen
8 wire panels, 1 inch spacing, no
mess mat. For your bunny,
chinchilla, or other small pet.
Marshall Ferret Ark
Adorable hanging ark with bell toy.
SP Tip-N-Topple Toy
Wobble toy with chew holder. Fun for
all small pets, from gliders to rabbits.
SP Premium Hex Hutch
Large, gorgeous hutch home with two
levels. Fine living for your furry friend.
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coming soon!
SP Crinkle Tunnel
Crinkly fun for chins and more!
Driftwood, Vines & More!!!
Add a touch of nature to your pets
cage. They'll be thankful.
SP 11.5" Exercise Ball
Large size for chinchillas, rats,and
Assorted wood chews
Including adorable Dinner Delight
chews and flavored fun chews!
Kritter Kreatures Sleepy T-Pee
3 sizes available. Fleece. Assorted
SP Lay-N-Lounge Chair
Made of soft polar fleece. Ideal for
snuggling. For gliders, ferrets,
chinchillas, and other small pets.
SP Pastureland
Hutch and playpen for fun outside.
For chinchillas & rabbits.
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