Sugar Glider
care sheet
Gliders are very much like people when it comes to food. They eat a variety of different things, and
like people, they all have different palates. Some are finicky eaters, while others will eat just about
any thing, and some will even become junk-food-junkies if you let them. They also go through spells
where they will tire of a food they feel they are getting too much of. They may stop eating grapes,
bananas, or their favorite food for several months if you feed it to them too often. The worst thing you
can do for your glider is not feed it properly. They will become bored, depressed, generally sad, and
even malnourished if their diet isn't balanced.

A proper diet consists of a large, balanced variety of foods. 76 % of a Gliders diet , or approximately
1/3 cup (heaping palmful) per glider, per night, should be FRESH fruits and veggies, heavy on the
fruits. The other 24%, or 1 tablespoon per glider, per night, should be a protein food. A dry eucalyptus
pellet should be kept in their bowl at all times, or a high protein baby glider diet for gliders under 6
months old. In addition there are a variety of vitamins and supplements to help you keep the balance,
and maintain your glider's health, as well as an endless list of treats just because you love them.

All gliders are different. One may love apples and the other not, etc. The best way to find out is
through trial and error. They will definitely let you know what they like. Continue to offer them the
things they reject, every so often, to see if their palate has changed. Don't confine them to a boring,
repetitive diet they will tire of, or only feed them a dry food. There is no glider diet, in a bag or can,
that is capable of supplying your glider with what it needs, nutritionally or otherwise.  Just think of it
this way, what if the only meal you could ever have again was steak? Sure, it would be great at first,
but then, eventually, you would never want to see a cow again, let alone another steak. Also
remember while you are experimenting, if it's junk for you, it's junk for them, and feed these things
only as treats or very sparingly. Junk food and too many treats, like peanuts, will cause your glider to
become obese and cut their long 15 year life expectancy in half! Feed them properly and they will live
a long healthy life! Below are some lists to help you get started. They are not all inclusive, so continue
to try new things. Just make sure to feed the proper balance.
Fruits & Veggies   
       1/4 -1/3 cup per glider, per night

Apples                                      Pineapple
Bananas                                   Mango
Papaya                                     Cherries
Cantaloupe                              Coconut
Honeydew                               Grapefruit
Watermelon                            Pears
Red Grapes                             Prunes
Green Grapes                         Figs
Purple Grapes                        Raisins
Kiwi                                          Strawberries
Blueberries                             Avocado
Raspberries                            Corn
Blackberries                           Carrots
Oranges                                  Green Beans
Peaches                                   Sweet Potato
Plums                                      Peas

Canned Vegetable Medley -
No Lima Beans -    
Canned Sweet Corn               
Canned Green Beans
These three should be fed sparingly or with other
fresh fruits.

Canned Fruit can be fed in an emergency or as a
rare treat only.

This list is not all inclusive. There may be things
not listed that your glider will love-just
experiment and find out!
 Protein Foods
     1 Tablespoon per glider, per night

Canned Crickets- 1.2 oz. ZooMed = 20% protein
Beef-ground, extra lean- 4 oz. = 31.7 g protein.
*any ground beef can be used-cook unseasoned
Cottage Cheese- lowfat, 1/2 C= 15.5 g protein
*They love the kind you mix the fruit in!
Chicken- cooked, meat only- 4 oz= 32.9 g protein
Egg- hardboiled- 1 large= 6.3 (chop/mash to feed)
Yogurt- plain- lowfat, 8 0z. = 11.9
*any yogurt can be used, they love a variety of
flavors, even banana cream pie and other desert
Leadbeater's Mix-recipe below
Pinkie Mice or 1 day Old Chick
Lima Beans, chocolate, or any dairy products
other than yogurt and cottage cheese. The
occasional lick of whip cream is ok, and relished,
but that's it! Avoid salts and seasoning. There
are also a variety of house plants that are
poisonous to gliders. If you need more info,
Barron's glider book offers an extensive list of
poisonous plants.
Treats & Other Foods

Peanuts and other raw unsalted nuts
PB & J
Peanut Butter crackers
Dried Fruits-Healthy, too!
Dry cereal- ex: frosted mini wheats= fiber!
Cockatiel rainbow mix-bird aisle
Hamster/small animal treats
Smoothies- Healthy, too!
Yogurt Drops- Healthy!
Yogurt covered dry fruit-Healthy!
Sugar Cane
Baby Foods & Canned Meat Sticks
Tuna- Healthy!
Hot dogs & Bologna- Junk!
Granola- Healthy
Meal worms- Fatty, Not too many.

Popcorn, poptarts, and tons of other
bread/grain related products.

Acacia Gum- Sap harvested from the Acacia
tree then turned into powder-Gliders naturally
feed on this sap in the wild- Mix a small amount
with water to form a drinkable gum or use like a
sweetener- sprinkle on fresh fruits or mix with
yogurt & cottage cheese- Use daily- Healthy!
Vitamins & Supplements

Gimborn Vionate- a general, all around,
vitamin and mineral supplement safe for a wide
variety of pets- per glider, mix 1/8 teaspoon in 1
tablespoon yogurt or cottage cheese or sprinkle on
meats or other protein foods. Safe enough to use

Rep-cal- phosphorous free, calcium supplement-
use only if recommended by your vet or if you
feed your glider a lot of meat and eggs. A pinch per
glider will do!

Bee Pollen- Complete protein with 28 minerals,
enzymes, and co-enzymes necessary for good
digestion-think of this like a seasoning, sprinkle
on, or mix with, protein foods or pellets. Use
Smoothies & More
In addition to all these fresh and fun foods you can
also mix up healthy smoothies and Leadbeater's
Protein Mix in advance to use throughout the
month! After you've mixed your ingredients,
simply pour unused portion into ice cube trays,
cover, and freeze. Pop-out one or two cubes a
night to feed to your glider with their fresh fruits
or protein foods. This is especially useful for over
ripened or unused fruits. Recipes below!

1 hard boiled egg-shell removed
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup honey
High protein baby cereal or rice crispies(Baby cereal
is best.)
1 tsp Calcium with vitamin D3 preferably without

Cream egg in blender. In a separate bowl mix the warm water and honey until dissolved. Add HALF of
mixture to blender and blend well. Add remaining half and blend well. Add vitamin supplement and
about 1/2 cup of cereal. Blend well. Mix should be the consistency of baby food, if not, continue adding in
small amounts of cereal until it reaches proper consistency. Can be served immediately. Pour
remainder into ice  cube trays. Leadbeater's should be part of your glider's diet and can be used
in place of a protein product or along with a protein product.

*1 banana, 1 large TBSP Peanut Butter, 2 TBSP honey, and 1-2 TBSP of plain or banana flavored yogurt.

*3 strawberries, a handful of blueberries, 2-3 Tbsp of plain or appropriately flavored yogurt.

*3 straw berries, 1 banana, 2-3 Tbsp yogurt.

The possibilities really are endless here. The formula for a smoothie is basically fruit+thickener+liquid.

Water or juice can be used to thin mixes and count as liquids. P. Butter, honey, and yogurt count as

You can also add the high protein cereals to these as well. Just remember these easy cubes cannot
replace your glider's fresh fruit diet, but they can help supplement, be served with, or used as a healthy