Wodent Wheels
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Wodent Manicure Wheels
The Sugar Glider Manicure Wheel is a Wodent Wheel with a modified track and is a must for sugar glider
owners. If there is one product you should buy for your glider, it's this one. The  darker colored wheels are
perfect for the glider's nocturnal nature, but best of all, you will never again have to struggle to hold down
your pet to trim off its tiny nails or risk cutting too much.  Now your glider, or other pet, can safely and
effectively remove painfully sharp nails the right way, all by their self!!! And, it's completely washable! The
filing track is made with a durable, water resistant abrasive and glue, and unlike many other available
manicure tracks, which feature a solid band of filing track, our design consists of a broken band pattern.
That is, there are spaces in between the filing medium to help prevent your pet's delicate feet from
becoming sore or even raw, and the abrasive itself is very fine to help with comfort. This is especially
important if your glider or other pet is an obsessive runner. Like all Wodent Wheels, the Glider Manicure
Wheel comes in 3 sizes, 2 panel colors, and 6 track colors. These wheels are high in demand, so,
occasionally, there might be a shipping delay. Please note that it is best to remove your manicure wheel
after 24-72 hours of use, depending on how much your pet runs, or snap in a regular track, unless your pet
only uses it sparingly. This is especially important when your pet first receives the wheel, as their delicate
feet have not had time to toughen up yet. Use once a week or once every two weeks. All pets run
differently, so only you can judge when their little feet have had enough.
Coordinate your pets home!
We sell nesting pouches,
bonding pouches,  blankets and
in some cases, harnesses that
match your wheel's track color.
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Wodent Combo Jr.     $25.00
Manicure Jr.     $20.00
Manicure Sr.     $25.00
Manicure Wobust     $35.00
Wodent Combo Sr.     $30.00
Wodent Combo Wobust     $40.00
Manicure Jr.  Track  $12.00
Manicure Sr.  Track   $15.00
Manicure Wobust Track  $19.00
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Combo wheels include both a
regular track and a manicure track!!!