EP Pocket Pouch is an
adorable cloth bonding pouch
perfect for naps or carrying
around the house. Includes
carrying string. Entry openings on
each side. For gliders, hamsters,
gerbils, guinea pigs, and other
smaller pets. Colors will vary.
SP Sleep-E-Tent works as a
tent or unzip to create a hammock.
Hanging two-in-one product is a
great pouch for your glider or tent
and hammock for your ferret,
marmoset, or kinkajou. Made of
soft fleece for super snuggly
comfort. 13.5"H. Color may vary.
The SP Fabric Play Tunnel is sure
to be a fun and exciting addition to your
pets home, whether you hang it high or low.
Perfect for ferrets, prairie dogs, gliders,
guinea pigs, marmosets, chinchillas, and
more. Comes with four small clips for easy
attachment to any wire cage and is made of
a washable soft cotton fabric. Measures
15.5"L x 4.5"W. Colors will vary.
SP Cuddle-E-Cup is the perfect
napping spot for ferrets, rats, guinea pigs,
chinchillas, & other fuzzy friends.
Measures 12" x 10" 5.5" H. Colors may
EP Super Sleepy Sack is an
over-sized, hanging, sleeping bag for a
variety of small pets. 11.5"W x 17.5"L it's
roomy enough for several gliders,
kinkajous, ferrets, guinea pigs,
marmosets,  and more. Features fleece
lining, plush padding, and is machine
washable. Hang or clip flat to bottom of
cage to secure in place. Colors may vary.
SP On-The-Go Travel Carrier
makes traveling both safe and fun!
Works three different ways: on the
back, over the shoulder, or around the
waist. Perfect for ferrets, bunnies,
chinchillas, marmosets, kinkajous, and
other pets. Storage pocket on side holds
4 oz water bottle or supplies.
Vent/lookout hole on front & side. Clip
your leash on one of the D-rings and
you're all set. Made of durable,
washable materials. Measures 13''L x
8"W x 9"H. Color may vary.
SP Crinkle Tunnel is 23
inches of crinkly crackly fun for
ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders,
bunnies, rats, marmosets, prairie
dogs, and more. Colors may vary.
The Marshall Ferret Ark is a
snuggly, fleece haven for tuckered out
pets or a playtime paradise for those
just waking up. For use both inside and
outside of cage. It measures 16"L x
9"W x 11"H, and includes 4 clips for
hanging and a bell for playtime fun.
Machine wash, air dry.
The Multipet Treehouse is a
hideaway, toy, and decoration for
your feathered friend's home. For
small to medium sized birds. Also,
makes an adorable retreat and
napping spot for your sugar glider,
flying squirrel, marmoset, or other
climbing small pet.
Cage Cozies & More
SP Mini Cozy cup is just right
for pint sized pets. It has an ultra
soft fleece lined interior and a
brightly colored fabric exterior.
Poly-fiber is safe for your pet and
completely washable. Perfect
inside a nesting box, especially if
you have a pet who loves to
snuggle. Colors may vary.
EP Pocket Pouch      $12.00
SP Sleep-E-Tent      $18.00
SP Mini Cozy       $7.00
SP Play Tunnel     $8.00
SP Cuddle-E-Cup    $15.99
EP Sleepy Sack     $30.00
SP On-The-Go BP    $21.99
SP Crinkle Tunnel    $14.00
M Ferret Ark    $26.00
MP Treehouse    $12.99
1  2
the 4 oz flat bac
water bottle
with the pack
and save $1.50!
SP BP w/Bottle