Decorate your furry friend's home with these fun and
functional accessories. Great for sugar gliders, mice,
hamsters and other small pets.
Sleep-N-Bedroom features
a bed they can curl up in and a vanity and lamp they can eat
treats or food from.
Sit-N-Living Room features a roomy
couch, perfect for naps, a rocking chair and lamp for treats
and food, and with the help of a strategically placed treat, you
can watch your best friend put on their own show when they
climb into the back of their TV.
Sleep-N-Bedroom      $12.00    
Sit-N-Living Room    $12.00
The 60 Piece Puzzle Playground
is a challenging and educational way for you
to design your small pet its very own
playground. Create your own or design the
one on the box. Snap lock plastic
components provide a unique concept in
expandable small animal accessories.
SP Critter Camp Out
Turn in little critters home into an
outdoor adventure with the critter
camp-out set. Gliders, hamsters,
mice, and gerbils can rest and
hideout in the tuckered-out tent,
stop for some chow at the campfire
food dish, or grab a drink from the
tree top water bottle. It doesn't
get more adorable than this!
Coming Soon!!!
60 pc Playground      $12.00