Lay-N-Lounge Chair

The Lay-N-Lounge Chair is a king-sized cozy, cushy
chair made to accommodate critters of all sizes. It's a
comfy seat that can't be beat for gliders, dwarf rabbits,
prairie dogs, guinea pigs and other furry friends. It's
made of superior soft and snuggly polar fleece for
ultimate critter comfort.
Completely washable and made from a durable cotton
and polyester blend to withstand multiple washings.
EP Sleepy Time Bed

The Eclectic Pets Sleepy Time Bed provides a
comfy snuggling spot for bunnies, marmosets, ferrets
gliders, chinchillas, and other small pets. This
king-sized critter bed comes complete with  covers
for hiding fun. It's made of snuggly soft polar fleece
for maximum comfort, and is completely washable.
Made of a cotton polyester blend to hold up to
multiple washings.
S-U-Sleeper Truck

The Super Pet Sleeper truck is a super soft
snuggling spot that's perfect for your glider,
ferret, bunny, rat prairie dog or other fuzzy
friend. Like the other sleepers, it's made of
super soft polar fleece for maximum sleep
time and is made of a completely washable
cotton polyester blend that will withstand
multiple washings.
Lay-N-Lounge      $15.99
SP Hide-N-Sleep      $25.00
Coming Soon!!!