Leaky water bottle?

Before you buy a new bottle try this!!!

Flip water bottle upside down and remove cap. Pinch  
or squeeze sides of bottle inward, forming indentions
beneath your fingers. Fill bottle to capacity and
replace cap. Flip right side up and let go of sides. You
should hear a sucking noise and see air bubbles rising
to the top of the bottle. That's it! If water bottle still
leaks try pinching the sides harder. If that still doesn't
work then maybe it is time for a new bottle after all.

Check out the 16 oz or 32 oz. flat back water bottle
with floating duck refill reminder! Works on tanks and
wire cages. Perfect for sugar gliders, chinchillas,
hedgehogs, ferrets, dwarf rabbits, and all other small
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Super Pet 16 oz
Flat Bac Water Bottle
Scratchy Nails?

Tired of snags and scratches every time you play
with your pet? Try our manicure wheels! They file
your pets nails the easy and natural way - while
they run in their exercise wheel! No more holding
down your pet or cutting too short! Our wheels
feature a "broken" track design which means there
is an inch of filing medium, a space, another inch
of filing medium, and so on, making it safer for the
delicate pads of your pet's paws. Completely
washable and 3 sizes and 5 colors available to
accommodate everything from sugar gliders all the
way up to chinchillas!
Cat litter, not just for cats?

That's right! Many other pets can benefit from it, too.
Besides ferrets, of course, your pet guinea pig, or
hamster might also be better off with this in their
cage, and as a sugar glider owner I highly
recommend you try this! Not only is it inexpensive, it
absorbs odor better,and for longer than cedar, pine,
or the natural paper products that are out there. And
clean up is easier, too. For a single glider in a large
cage (36" L x 26" w x 12" D) I've seen it last up to 3
months before it needed changing! Of course, you'll
still need to wipe down the bars of the cage more
often. It is the only thing I use for my gliders. For
guinea pigs and others who like to use one corner,
you can simply scoop it out, wipe the corner, and
replace the litter to prolong time between cleanings.
And, if you have a fly problem this will help! Just
make sure your guinea pig doesn't eat it. Most don't.
So, see, kitty litter's not just for kitties afterall.
Itchy Pet?

Got a dog or cat with itchy or flaky
skin? For a quick fix try a dandruff or
dry scalp shampoo like Head and

An inexpensive way to help keep your
dog or cat flea free is with Avon's
skin-so-soft bath oil. It also keeps their
coats shiny and soft. For inside pets
simply pour half a capful into their
rinse water. (Careful! A little goes a
long way!)If your dog is an outside dog
this is especially useful. Pour a small
amount into your hands and rub them
together, then rub down your dog,
paying special attention to ears and
other places flies like to bite. This will
keep off the fleas and the flies!You
can do this for your inside dog, too,
just don't use as much. Don't use this
rub down method on cats. It will make
their fur too oily.
Jr. Manicure Wheel