Snuggle Swing
For small to medium birds, sugar
gliders, marmosets, and flying
squirrels. Your birds and small
animals will love snuggling in and  
playing with the knotted fabric on
this cozy swing. 9" W.
Candy's Creations Bell
adorable toy for birds, sugar gliders,
flying squirrels, marmosets, ferrets
and more. Ships separately
Triple Bell Toy-Sm with beads
is a great toy for your small bird,
glider, flying squirrel, or other
smaller pet. Ships separately.
WeeB toys bell shoe. For small
to med birds, gliders, etc. Ships
Other Toys
Snuggle Swing      
CCreations  Bell     
Triple Bell     
Bell Shoe     $5.99
Stanley's Birdie Dreads-Sm
28 strands of sisal covered with
straws and beads. Birds and
gliders will love to chew,play, and
hide inside. For small to med birds,
gliders, etc. Ships separately.
Birdie Dreads     $8.00
Bizzy Bird Feather
2 Watch your gliders
go nuts for feathers. For small to med
birds, gliders, etc. Ships separately.
Feather Fantasy     
Pages      1  2
SP Fun Portable Desktop Activity Center  
Perfect for entertaining your pet parakeet, lovebird, small
conure, or cockatiel. We think Gliders will love it, too! Hang it
in your room, in a cage, or sit on a desk. The green top and
bottom come together to make it easily transportable.
Features hanging chain and green locking ceiling guard,
spinning star with bells, "C" clamp for millet, cuttlebones, and
treats, climbing rope toy, several twirling toys, water and
traet cups, bobble head birdie toy, a birdie kabob ideal for
fruit, wood chews, and treats, and a deep, crevice free base
for easy care and maintenance. 17" diameter x 15.75" high,
not including the hanging chain.
SP Keet Desktop     
SP Habitat Enrichment Pod
Polly Puzzler
Challenge the mind of your feathered friend with
shapes and textures. Use with the included
wooden blocks or your pets favorite treats. Space
saving and easily attaches to most wire bird
cages. Refillable.
SP Polly Puzzler    $6.50