At this time, we know of no "glider diet in a bag", nor do we recommend any
glider be fed a diet consisting of only dry food. Sugar Gliders are omnivores
and need beyond the capabilities of any diet in a bag. Though they should
have some sort of small animal or eucalyptus dry food at their disposal, they
also require fresh fruit and protein based items such as crickets, hard-boiled
eggs, or yogurt, to name a few, every single night. If you are thinking of
purchasing a glider please be prepared to be attentive to their diet needs.
This is a huge part of making your sugar glider happy. For more information
on sugar glider diet, visit our pet care section.
Lixit Quick Lock Seed Stick Holder
Many sticks just end up dirty on the bottom of
the cage. The seed stick holder keeps treat
sticks off the ground and clean, and the base
catches loose seeds, preventing waste. Holds
sticks 4" & longer. Fits all wire cages. Patented
quick lock bracket. Measures 5.5" x 6". This
item ships separately.
Lixit Treat Holder      $8.50
Super Bird Hanging Coco Treat Cup
Need we say more? Small to med sized small
pets and birds Measures 8" x 4 1/2". This item
ships separately.
Hanging Treat Cup    $9.99
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