Vionate Vitamin Mineral Powder
has been trusted for over 40 years by zoos and
animal parks. Vionate contains 21 vitamins and
minerals in a fortefied corn base to help improve
the overall health, performance, fertility and
lifespan for a wide range of species. Vionate
contains more than double the amounts of
vitamins A and D3, and three times the amount
of iron than other brands. Vionate contains
vitamin C, E, and Maganese. Contains the proper
ratio of vitamin A to D (100:10) and the correct
calcium to phospherous ratio (2:1). Vionate is
excellent for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles,
exotic pets, monkeys, and many other small
animals when it is sprinkled or mixed with food.
For many species this is
absolutely all you will need,
check your book or go online to find
out if your particular pet has any
extra vitamin needs.
Glider owners:
If you use Vionate regularly, you
do not need extra calcium such
as Rep-Cal, unless prescribed
or recommended by a vet.
Rep-Cal with D3
An excellent source of calcium for reptiles
and amphibians. It is also used by many
small animal owners. Rep-Cal is
scientifically formulated from 100%
natural oyster shell phosphorous-free
calcium carbonate with added vitamin D3
to aid in the absorption of calcium.
Gimborn Vionate 8oz      $8.99
Rep-Cal w/D3      $8.00
Pure Acacia Gum
Pure Acacia Gum is harvested from the
sap of the Acacia tree, and then turned
into a powder form. Sugar Gliders and
other animals feed on the sap from this
tree in the wild. Sprinkle on fresh fruits or
mix with a small amount of water to form
a thick liquid pets can drink. For gliders
sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 tsp on fruits nightly or
as often as desired. For other pets adjust
amount according to size.
Pure Bee Pollen
Pure Bee Pollen is a complete protein and
contains all essential amino acids,
vitamins A, B complex series C D, E, K
and Rutin. Also contains 28 minerals, and
trace minerals, enzymes, and co-enzymes
necessary for good digestion. Sugar
Gliders love this sprinkled on boiled
chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and fried or
boiled hamburger meat. It's like a
seasoning just for them. Use 1/4 tsp or
more per glider, per night. Part of a
healthy diet.
1 oz Trio!
Acacia Gum, Bee Pollen, and
Vionate 1 oz sizes, all in one
convenient package! Purchase the
set and save $0.50 instantly!
1 oz. Acacia Gum      $3.50
1 oz. Bee Pollen     $3.00
Gimborn Vionate 1oz      $3.00
1 oz. Supplement Trio      $9.00
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